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TPS7 Deleted Session October 19, 1983 4/34 (12%) leg tension dehypnotizing dozed roles

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(I was shocked—because I discovered a vast amount of tension in her left leg. So much so that it was jammed against her broken right leg, and I had difficulty getting the pillow between her knees before turning her. Her whole leg was tense; I could feel the tension in all the tendons and muscles. I was amazed at the tension in the leg. I couldn’t understand how she could stand that situation, evidently day after day, and not realize what she was doing, what was happening. It must put a terrible strain upon the knee joint, I told her. I began massaging the leg with Oil of Olay and talking to it. It helped, I could tell, but not enough, since by then I had her on her side. I rubbed the lotion into her hands and feet also.

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(The supper tray was late. After a nap I turned Jane back on her back at 5:35, and massaged her left leg again, doing a much better job this time. I told her I was “upset” at the tension in the leg, and wanted to see it dissipate. I could feel the leg respond. She said she had to do something so as not to get discouraged, and I told her not to let herself get discouraged. Her right wrist began to revolve better, and her doubled-up fingers loosened a little more—more progress.

(I did tell Jane that when Seth came through again I wanted some material on the tension in her body, especially the leg.

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I do. Your dehypnotizing sessions are very important in helping him become accustomed to new motion. A good deal of the body’s difficulties have been caused by tension almost exclusively, so what I am saying is of particular importance.

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