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TPS7 Deleted Session October 17, 1983 3/24 (12%) steve moving hibernation flex toes

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(At 3:05, as I write these notes, both of Jane’s feet are moving as she lies on her back. She makes almost continuous sounds of pain—discomfort as these bodily motions progress. I see her toes moving in a way like they haven’t for many months. They “tingle and burn”—sure signs of increased circulation.

(At 3:05–3:20, Jane began moving several parts of her body at once—shoulders, both feet, rotating both arms and hands. Her right wrist also began turning upon itself. Then the toes of both feet, then the feet at the ankles. Then her head began to turn upon the column of her neck upon her shoulders as they moved in rhythm. Finally, I told Jane, she had so much moving at once I didn’t know what to look at first. She could even feel the effects of the motions in her groin. The right foot, below the broken knee, is the sorest.

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(At 4:05 Jane’s whole left leg from the toes on up began to flex noticeably, as she continued to make her noises of pain-discomfort-effort. Even the muscles across her forehead and around her eyes began to flex. Her shoulder moved better than ever—and now the right one attained an ease of movement equal to the left. Her jaw dropped and moved from side to side.

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