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TPS7 Deleted Session October 13, 1983 3/34 (9%) drainage carol rotate interrupted arms

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(Yet she could rotate her arms, one hand circling the other above her belly, in a way that she hadn’t been able to do for, literally, months—years perhaps—certainly since she began going into hospitals. She did it better than she did yesterday, even, moving her hands and forearms around each other quite rapidly. This was a most heartening development, and evidently directly related to the onset of the sessions, and our learning and healing processes.

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(Jane also said she likes my word, “dehypnosis,” which I’d mentioned in the last session. I explained what I meant by it. I also went over the two previous sessions in this new batch with her. Her eating had improved considerably also since the sessions began, although I’ve seen indications of this before the sessions started. She finally managed to read portions of yesterday’s session, on a second try. And all the time she kept rotating her arms, like a children’s game. The flexing of the joints in her shoulders was especially noticeable—they moved like they were made of rubber, I told her, and she agreed that they felt fine doing this.

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(We ate supper after I took a nap. Her improvements kept up in rather spectacular fashion—for after supper she was able to rotate and flex her arms and shoulders even better than before. Once again, it was strange indeed to see my wife able to move her body in such a free fashion. Each time she’d rotated her arms this afternoon, she’d done it better than the time before, I told her. I tried to encourage her all I could. I felt surges of hope, and I could tell that she was pleased too.

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