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TPS7 Deleted Session October 13, 1983 3/34 (9%) drainage carol rotate interrupted arms

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(4:11. Just as we took our break the routine visits in regard to Jane’s daily vitals began: eye drops, temperature, pulse, blood pressure [120 over 70], taken by LuAnn, Carol, and Lorrie. Jane had a cigarette as the people trooped in and out. The staff was very busy; nobody hung around. I told Jane that if ever we were interrupted during a session not to worry, for I didn’t think anyone would even know what was going on. She agreed. Especially would her glasses help conceal any visual changes accompanying a trance. Jane agreed. Resume at 4:21.)

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(No sooner had I made my comments about being interrupted during a Seth session than it happened: Carol knocked on the door then came in. Jane stopped easily in mid-delivery. Carol had a name tag for my wife. Each patient is supposed to have one, according to NY State inspectors who are at the hospital this week.

(Carol left the door to 330 open partially when she left, so that hall noises entered to a greater degree. But Jane asked me to read her Seth’s last sentence, then she went back into trance.)

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