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TPS4 Deleted Session October 10, 1977 6/63 (10%) dineen carol james rusty hal

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(These notes will recapitulate two rather surprising events. While we were having last Saturday’s session, someone knocked on our door; I didn’t answer it and they left. Sunday they returned: Rusty and Dr. Hal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on their yearly visit to us with a cheesecake. As the four of us talked for an hour or so two things emerged. Dr. Hal had a teacher many years ago, a woman, who used to walk with William James; indeed, he read part of his Varieties of Religious Experience to her. James also discussed his own psychic experiences with this woman. Hal told us her name but we forgot to note it down. Interesting, that this information would come to us just as Jane is preparing her James manuscript for Prentice.

(The second bit of news is that Rusty met the president of Prentice-Hall recently. This individual—again, name not recalled—listened to a talk Rusty gave in an auditorium, explaining some of Seth’s ideas along with her own interest in the tarot. After the program Prentice-Hall’s president told Rusty that listening to her had helped him better understand Jane’s own work. But this meeting took place last summer, and we’ve had no feedback from anyone at Prentice-Hall.

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(Note that in both cases, involving Rusty and Hal, and Carol and Fred, the couples returned to 1730 after their first visit had failed to make contact with us. Since we have all names on file now, more information can be obtained if we need it. Note: Rusty Carnarius has relatives living on Coleman Avenue. Either Jacobs or Jenkins. [Check boxes.]

(Seth covered both visits in his material tonight. One aspect not covered, and which I forgot to ask about, involved Rusty’s meeting with the president of Prentice-Hall; will try to remember to ask about this next session.

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(The encounter with the Canadian couple was so recent that as we sat for the session it hadn’t occurred to Jane and me to hope that Seth would discuss the affair, or to even ask that he do so. I was impressed by the meeting on the street, but equally taken with the fact that Hal had known someone who’d known James. Strangely, in all of this the meeting of Rusty and the president of Prentice-Hall hadn’t registered as strongly with us, though we recognized that it could be an event originating in Framework 2. Oh yes—the president is involved with Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, which may have been his motivation for attending Rusty’s talk to begin with.)

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(11:56 PM. As I typed the session the next day, I told Jane I was quite enthused by it. Somehow the two incidents described, involving Rusty and Hal, and Carol and Fred, had served to impress upon me the validity of Seth’s ideas about Frameworks 1 and 2 in ways that the intellectual understanding of those concepts alone hadn’t done. I found myself trying out the concepts as I worked—and they worked. I may regard the session as a key or breakthrough session, then. I told Jane I wanted to discuss it thoroughly with her when I had it finished. It seems that we can put the concepts of the frameworks to use in all areas of daily life, reinforce longtime goals, etc.

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