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TPS7 Deleted Session November 9, 1983 4/29 (14%) gas tray leg aspirin rested

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(4:03. Left leg way up off the mattress, grunts and groans, head and shoulders and arms going sideways. Even the right foot moved. “I couldn’t tell what was going on,” Jane said as she rested.

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(Lorrie and Cathy came in. Blood pressure and temperature—96.7. Again Jane did well, catching herself in the middle of motion so they noticed nothing. Rest.

(4:20. Strenuous motions of the left leg up and down. Noises, rising torso, up and down. Side to side, cries aloud. When she rested, all Jane remembered was the hips “going crazy.” Not until I mentioned it did she recall her left leg pumping hard up and down. Her motion had been so strong I’d almost been afraid she was overdoing it.

(4:25. More leg motions, including the right one. “I’m waiting for all of these motions I’m doing to coordinate themselves, in one big motion,” she said. She had some ginger ale and rested.

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