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TPS7 Deleted Session November 9, 1983 5/29 (17%) gas tray leg aspirin rested

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(Cigarette. Jane was at times quite uncomfortable—and worried—because she kept passing large amounts of gas. At the same time she described what seemed to be a very positive dream she’d had early this morning, involving her dying her hair black, a white cat, and Claire Crittenden. I suggested Seth comment if he returned. I thought the dream meant that she was just investigating past events when she had normal freedom of movement, with the idea of bringing them into the future. The white cat could mean a new clean start.

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(4:44. I turned her on her side. The move went easily, yet she had trouble getting comfortable on her left shoulder. She’d also been having a lot of gas, and was concerned about this no matter what she told herself. I finished massaging and dehypnotizing her hands and feet and limbs with Oil of Olay at 5:08. The supper tray hadn’t come yet. I tried to nap, but got up at 5:15 to press the call button for a nurse to track down the tray. No one came. I gave up trying to nap at 5:28 and went into the hall looking for someone to help us get the tray. Found Sharon Poley and the little girl who usually delivers the tray. She went down to get it.

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(7:03. I was getting ready to leave when I asked Jane if she wanted Seth to return and talk about her discomfort with gas, which was persisting. She didn’t know if she could or not. It worked well, however. Her Seth voice was strong if subdued. Begin at 7:08.)

Now: the gas condition is harmless. It is a natural-enough development, caused by the fact that Ruburt does not sit up yet properly to eat.

He is, however, passing the gas, and that is excellent. The gas is not building up, in other words. His fear, however, shows that he still has the remnants of old doubts. That can be expected—now and then. Before long, however, he will be much more confident as his own improvements convince him of his body’s overall vitality, and its resurge of excellent health. I am glad to give him such reassurance—and now I bid you a fond and peaceful good evening.

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