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TPS7 Deleted Session November 8, 1983 12/28 (43%) leg sideways rotating wrist left

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(Now today Jane had no patches on either her right elbow or her little toes on her left foot. Don’t ask me why. She did well in hydro this morning with the new people. It’s worth noting, also, that she hasn’t taken any Darvoset in the daytime now for some time—a fact easy to forget but quite important.

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(4:12. Her left foot was up in the air, rotating. Grunts and groans, talking to herself. The right leg moved a little. “The right leg can go too,” she chanted. “It’s all right, it’s all right....”

(4:15. I noticed that the nodules on the knuckles of Jane’s left hand looked like they’d reduced themselves in size a bit. Jane said she’d noticed the effect also, and that in addition the larger swelling on top of her left wrist had also been reduced somewhat. So maybe the body is absorbing those growths, as I’ve been suggesting it can do in my dehypnotizing massages each afternoon.

(4:18. “I let the right leg out just a tiny bit more. I don’t know whether you can tell, but I did,” Jane said. Her left foot moved quite a bit more, rotating.

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(4:26. Good motions of head and shoulders and left leg lift. “It feels just like satin.” Rest.

(4:29. Jane’s left leg moved back and forth sideways, opening up at the groin. Her right leg suddenly started moving sideways also—but only a little comparatively. Yet the motion was noticeable for the first time—good progress, I told Jane. It didn’t last long, but it’s a start—a very important one with the broken leg.

(4:33. Jane pointed out the reduction in swelling of her left wrist bone, as mentioned earlier. She also has more freedom of movement in the wrist. This has slowly been improving.

(4:35. Sudden rapid rotating motions in the left arm. Then the left foot started going.

(4:38. Jane’s right leg went sideways again a little. Her left leg moved sideways rapidly again. The body is obviously trying itself out—and succeeding.

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(4:45. But I had to take her cigarette away when her hips began moving. Left leg up. “It’s all right,” she said again and again to her right leg as it tried to move also. She cried out. Rest.

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(4:47 PM. A short but quite energetic session. “Gee, that was some workout, I’ll tell you,” Jane said, referring to her exercises preceding the session, and now her left leg went back and forth rapidly, then her head and shoulders lifted repeatedly.

(Jane did well when I turned her on her left side. After I had a nap, after massaging her limbs with Oil of Olay, she ate another good supper. I read the prayer with her and left at 7:05.

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