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TPS7 Deleted Session November 7, 1983 3/23 (13%) leg motions foot darlene streak

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(Then Jane told me that the night nurse, Toni, whom I’ve yet to meet, tried to help her lay on her right side last night, for the first time since she’d broken the leg. Oddly enough, the break didn’t bother Jane, since a pillow was used beneath the leg as a cushion—but, Jane said, her feet did, so she didn’t stay in that position for more than fifteen minutes. But the fact that she’d moved onto her right side at all was a help, I said, another step along the way.

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(4:20. A few left leg motions. “It’s all right, don’t worry about the right leg,” Jane said several times as she lifted her left leg and rotated her foot at the ankle gently. Her motions today were subdued, her grunts and breathing not so prominent. She said she didn’t try to do much in hydro because of the water: “I guess that’s just the way different people do it.”

(4:25. Left foot, head, moving gently. “My right leg is moving, but I guess you can’t even tell by looking at it,” she said. I saw a few spasmodic motions around the knee area. Jane lay with her hands crossed on her chest. I told her the right leg was starting, and that was good. She lifted her left leg and moved the foot. “When the right foot moves, the right ankle, then I stop,” Jane said. “I shouldn’t do that.” I reminded her that yesterday Seth had said the right leg discomfort was only temporary. She moved her head and torso up off the bed a bit, then groaned: “That right foot tried to come up off the bed.”

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