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TPS7 Deleted Session November 6, 1983 9/35 (26%) foot leg ulcers motions cigarette

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(3:43. More head and left leg and foot motions—rather strong. “It’s safe. It’s all right,” Jane kept saying. At 3:50 Cathy came in, then Carol. Temperature—96.6. BP 112 over 60. Finally Jane told me to get out my paper and pen. Seth was around.)

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Two small bedsores have healed—another mark of progress. There is no need to be concerned about the occasional discomfort in the right foot and leg. Those areas are awakening, and the new unaccustomed motions are the cause of the discomfort—a discomfort which will vanish in no time as the body continues its improvements. All of the body is being activated—and again, improvements are occurring also that have not yet showed themselves but will soon be doing so.

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That shows, of course, that the body’s capacity for motion is still there, and can express itself. Ruburt’s intent was so strong to move away from the lighted cigarette that he ignored all impediments, and his unconscious mind beautifully followed his conscious mind’s intent.

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(“It wasn’t the ulcers,” I said, meaning that the will or the intent to move had been blocked. “That sudden motion shows what potential is still there. It’s very revealing.” After all, if the motion had been allowed on a daily basis, the ulcers would never have developed in the first place. Jane agreed.

(4:17. Now Jane launched into a series of more general motions, with many noises, groanings and gruntings. Head, shoulders, arms and legs. She said her head rotated on her neck in a new way. The left ankle clearly showed additional flexibility. “When that left foot starts to move it feels like its going to fly right off,” Jane said. “It feels so free.”

(4:20. More general motions, head and torso. Left arm, then right, swinging back and forth. Groans and grunts. Rest.

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Now. The small but vivid “dream” is an example of a mental spontaneous exercise that in its fashion is every bit as effective as a physical exercise—and such spontaneous normal motion points the way toward the body’s further physical activity.

The body itself definitely responds to such actions, and at minute levels the muscles and all parts of the body actually move as they would if the motions were physically activated. They practice physical motion, in other words.

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(At 4:50 I turned Jane on her left side, and massaged her with Oil of Olay as I continued the dehypnotizing process. The supper tray came. I took a nap from 5:10 to 5:40 while Jane watched TV. When I got up for supper she said she’d dozed briefly and had another, briefer dream episode like the one she’d had earlier. Again, it had encouraged the idea of motion, and she was pleased.

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