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TPS7 Deleted Session November 6, 1983 4/35 (11%) foot leg ulcers motions cigarette

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(“What about those sudden movements he said he made with his legs last night, when the nurse dropped the cigarette on his bed?”)

That shows, of course, that the body’s capacity for motion is still there, and can express itself. Ruburt’s intent was so strong to move away from the lighted cigarette that he ignored all impediments, and his unconscious mind beautifully followed his conscious mind’s intent.

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(I’d been upset and encouraged at the same time by the cigarette episode Jane had described to me just before the session. It seems that last night the nurse—Dawn? —had accidentally dropped the lighted cigarette, and Jane had jerked her legs out of the way to avoid being burned, or to avoid the threat of injury. “You never saw me move so fast in your whole life.” she’d said. or used words to that effect.

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(4:34. Cigarette.

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