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TPS7 Deleted Session November 5, 1983 3/26 (12%) noises pillow unconscious worrying healed

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(When I got to 330 Jane was lying on her left side with a pillow under her left leg, as well as the sponge between her knees. This system had been suggested by Toni, and seemed to work well, since it helped minimize the pressure on Jane’s left shoulder.

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(4:37. Suddenly Jane began rocking her head and neck back and forth against the pillow quite violently, at the same time making a series of crying noises. Her left leg came up off the bed and pillow in tune with the head movements. “Oh boy,” she cried, “did you see that?”

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(4:50. Jane’s left foot and leg began moving so much. up and down, then sideways, that I took away her cigarette and ashtray. Then she discovered that she can now touch the pillow behind her left ear with her left hand—something she couldn’t do even a day or so ago. I remembered when she’d considered it a triumph to be able to barely reach her left ear with her left hand. Now she can reach perhaps three inches behind the ear. Another triumph.

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