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TPS7 Deleted Session November 5, 1983 4/26 (15%) noises pillow unconscious worrying healed

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(4:10. She had her left leg up in the air, head going up and down. She made many noises and grunts. “The right one wants to go, too.” She had a sip of ginger ale. Her right arm began going in rapid circles, head bobbing. Then her left foot, then the left arm and the right foot moved. A couple of minutes later she came across with a burst of very strong and rapid motions generally. Rest.

(4:14. Strong sideways motions, head and chest and arms. Loud noises. More strong movements, most of her body rocking up and down, then back and forth—head, arms, noises. Very good, I told her.

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(4:29. Now Jane began a long series of exercises involving different parts of her whole body at different times. Many of them were strong indeed, with loud grunting and panting noises. Sometimes she talked to herself. I put my hands on her left ankle and could feel the action of the bones and muscles and tendons therein as she rotated it, up in the air, with a good amount of freedom.

(4:37. Suddenly Jane began rocking her head and neck back and forth against the pillow quite violently, at the same time making a series of crying noises. Her left leg came up off the bed and pillow in tune with the head movements. “Oh boy,” she cried, “did you see that?”

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