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TPS7 Deleted Session November 5, 1983 3/26 (12%) noises pillow unconscious worrying healed

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The fears arise when he concentrates upon impediments, wondering how he will do this or that. Instead, of course, he should then remind himself of the roles of the conscious and the unconscious minds—and then remind himself that the unconscious mind can handle such matters easily—as indeed it can.

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(In answering my question, Jane said she knows what motions she’s making, but often pays no attention—which is good, since it means she’s letting the body do its thing in its own way. With a small inspiration, I told her that in the light of the session today she should do the same thing as far as her understanding of the roles of the conscious and unconscious minds goes. It was a good analogy—to let the unconscious mind be concerned with how she was going to be healed, and so forth.

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(4:43. Rest. Ginger ale. Jane said that since the session today she realized she’d been worrying about three things: 1. Getting home for Thanksgiving. 2. Getting home for Christmas. 3. How she’s going to manage sitting in a chair. I said I didn’t care about the holidays, but that she shouldn’t worry about the chair bit. Let the unconscious mind do that for you, I told her. I added that no one knew how they managed to sit in a chair—all the thousands of motions, impulses, cellular actions, etc. that were necessary—unless they were a specialist in such matters. I said that such a simple action must be governed by other portions of the unconscious mind that are conscious in their own rights. She agreed.

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