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TPS7 Deleted Session November 4, 1983 1/18 (6%) joan milligrams dosage birthday lorrie

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(4:20 PM. That was it for the day, although we weren’t sure of it at the time. No sooner had we stopped the session than Joan came in to give Jane eye drops. She gave me also our copy of our medical records, but we were so busy I barely looked at them. I did think to ask Joan about what she’d told us a couple of weeks ago when Jane’s Synthroid dosage had been cut down by Fred Kardon. She wasn’t sure without looking at the chart, Joan said, but she thought the dosage had been cut from 0.2 milligrams twice a day to 0.3 milligrams once a day—a reduction of 0.1 milligram daily, as I figure it. We’d been thinking somehow that the dose had been cut in half, but it’s been cut by a quarter. It’s a start, I told Jane.

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