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TPS7 Deleted Session November 30, 1983 6/24 (25%) saul torso motions cathy started

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(3:00. Jane started to read the session for yesterday, but had trouble with this one also, though not as much. Still, I ended up reading the last couple of pages to her. We finished at 3:23.

(Jane said that until her arms started softening up, she hadn’t realized “how wooden they felt before. I’m sorry those changes aren’t as noticeable to you as they are to me. I can feel them inside.” But, I said, they were noticeable to me, if in a different way than her own awareness dictated.)

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(3:46 PM. “Now I’ll see if I can do some exercises,” Jane said. “So I did that for a good part of the evening—massaged first the right arm, then the left one, after they started to improve.” My first thought had been that the softening in the arms would help relieve the doubled-up fingers of her right hand. The session, then, is one of the major ones, signaling an excellent prognosis for continued improvement. I told Jane, also, that yesterday she had referred to a looser feeling inside her left elbow, a greater softness, so Seth was right: these particular improvements had been in the works, yet triggered by Jane’s suggestions.

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(4:00. I trimmed Jane’s fingernails—and discovered to my pleasant surprise that the job was much easier to do than it had been previously. I seemed to be done in a few minutes, whereas I’d hesitated to start it. The extra motion ability already present in Jane’s hands helped considerably, especially with the right hand.

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(4:33. Jane started some motions with her left foot, then her torso and head, back and forth against the pillow. The motions were mild, but her breathing grew heavier.

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(4:43. More of the same. Then Jane’s right foot started moving at the toes. “Oh, oh, oh”—good motions of her head and torso, with noises, and feet alternating motions also. “I wasn’t worried about not doing the motions though,” Jane said, “particularly after the arms started doing their thing last night.”

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