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TPS7 Deleted Session November 30, 1983 2/24 (8%) saul torso motions cathy started

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(3:42. Cathy came in early to take Jane’s temperature—98.5—and pulse. Jane resumed the session immediately after Cathy left. 3:45.)

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(4:35. I turned Jane on her left side, then massaged her with Oil of Olay as usual. The supper tray hadn’t come. It still wasn’t there after my nap was over at 5:30, so I asked Cathy’s help in tracking it down. It still didn’t show up until 6:15, when Sharon Poley brought it in. This balled up our schedule, and made me late leaving Jane—at 7:30—but I see I managed to get the session done after a late supper anyhow. It’s 9:45 as I finish typing this. I said the prayer with Jane before leaving her for the night. She promised to call later if she could.)

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