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TPS7 Deleted Session November 3, 1983 4/28 (14%) chipmunk cranberry foot motions juice

[... 21 paragraphs ...]

(“I also wanted to ask about the cats and the chipmunk,” I said.

(“Oh yeah,” Jane said. I’d explained to her when I came in today that last night when I got home I’d found a dead chipmunk lying on the carpet near the coffee table. Billy and Mitzi had been at their ease in the living room also, on various chairs. There were no marks on the chipmunk’s little body; they hadn’t tried to eat the creature.

(I’d felt sad, staring down at the striped brown, black and white body, and remembered Seth’s material about how both parties in any death share the experience. The cats obviously felt no remorse at all—nor should they. It was a tiny part of “life.” I was sure I knew how the chipmunk had gotten caught: He’d squeezed under the back porch screened-in door looking for food. I kept a box of cat goodies out there to give black dog [as I call her, not knowing her name] a snack in the early morning. One of the cats had caught the chipmunk on the porch. I’d seen this happen a couple of times before.

(“The funny thing is,” I told Jane, “there’s a bowl of sunflower seeds in the garage, near the door where chipmunks can squeeze in, but they haven’t been touched for days....” She suggested I ask Seth again for something on the little drama.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

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