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TPS2 Deleted Session November 26, 1972 6/106 (6%) 367th andrews richard eleanor dick

[... 95 paragraphs ...]

Tell our dear friend Eleanor to be less lovingly concerned—no one will take advantage of you unless you believe that they will. Look at the New York world and the California world with the eyes of the Seagull. Expect to find understanding and (in quotes) “real people,” and you will.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Richard sends you (Jane and me) postcards, and this is my private postcard to him, though my real address is difficult to find (period). I am keeping an eye out however for his affairs and Eleanor’s, and I appreciate their endeavors on Ruburt’s behalf. They are not needed, and yet on all of your behalves they are needed.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

(Notes: Richard Bach and Eleanor Friede called Jane Monday afternoon, November 27, from Bridgehampton, Long Island, before Dick flew back to Carmel, California, and I read this copy to them. Jane then mailed a typed copy of the data for Dick to his California address Tuesday morning, November 28.

(Checking his mail in California, Dick found a letter on White House stationery, written by Mr. Andrews. The brief letter commented favorably on Seagull, and invited Dick to dinner in Washington, DC. Dick called Eleanor, who in turn called us at 9:08 PM Tuesday evening, November 28. Jane was in class so I took the call.

(Eleanor said Mr. Andrews is on the White House staff, and the letter is President Nixon’s way of inviting Dick to dinner with him.

(At the time I read the copy to Richard and Eleanor on the phone, the name Andrews had no meaning for them, etc.)

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