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TPS2 Deleted Session November 26, 1972 5/106 (5%) 367th andrews richard eleanor dick

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(This session was quite unexpected and spontaneous. It grew out of the last deleted session for November 24, 1972. It very well answers the attempts Jane and I have been making to integrate the session for November 24, and the 367th session for October 1, 1967.

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—and good thinking, in asking for the interpretation. (Of the 367th.)

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The point about success being a critical factor (in the 367th) also means that it was a potentially creative factor. It could bring various potentials to bear that could be used positively—or in your terms negatively.

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When he was spontaneous, it seemed, you did (underlined) disapprove. At the time that session was given (367th) those elements were paramount. It was because of his great love for you and his knowledge of your great love for him, that your disapproval, by contrast, was (underlined) so chilling.

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(We discussed the questions at last break to make sure Seth would cover them tonight: from her records Jane recently realized that coincident with the mailing of the manuscript for Seth Speaks to the publisher, and the death of her father, near November 15, 1971, the condition of her legs took a decided turn for the worse. Also, in the 367th session, Seth made certain remarks that have bothered her ever since —mainly about the necessity of his presence.)

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