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TPS7 Deleted Session November 25, 1983 3/19 (16%) walking 95.8 godzilla dampness kong

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For now only, let him put aside images of himself walking. Instead, have him imagine comments by others, such as you or a doctor or a friend, expressing their delight and amazement because Ruburt is walking (softly). That is, have him put the stress on the comments momentarily, forgetting his body entirely. Have him imagine your face, or someone else’s smiling and enthusiastic, saying. “I knew you could do it all along,” or, “I don’t know how you did it, but you did.”

After he has done these exercises, then he can begin again seeing his body walking or sitting, or whatever. As I have said often, you live without knowing how you live. It is almost as if your living is done for you. You breathe whether or not you understand how breathing happens—so remind Ruburt that he must get to the point where he realizes that walking is as easy as writing a book, or thinking a thought, or having a session. (Long pause.) We want to emphasize the sense of ease and playfulness. Now I may or may not return, but I am, again, of course, present and approachable.

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(“Has he been inhibiting his recovery toward walking by worrying about it?”)

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