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TPS7 Deleted Session November 24, 1983 2/23 (9%) thanksgiving gail turkey worrying thankful

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Your ideas about imagining Ruburt at home, without worrying about how (underlined) he got there, are excellent, as these improvements continue to show themselves, they obviously set the ground for further improvements in a more accelerated fashion.

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(“The reason I asked that question is because I started wondering if you were up to your old tricks again—stewing about things,” I said. “Especially without telling me.” Jane didn’t agree or deny that she’d been worrying. “Well, it seems like you must be doing it,” I said. “That sort of thing simply must go—we can’t afford to have such thoughts any more, they’re too destructive. I don’t want you falling into that old trap of worrying all by yourself—we just can’t have it. And all of this applies to me as much as it does to you, in case you think I’m setting myself up in a superior position.”

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