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TPS7 Deleted Session November 23, 1983 1/25 (4%) cries census judy patients mattress

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(4:00. Sharon came in for temperature—96.0?—and pulse. No one ever showed up for blood pressure. Jane hasn’t heard about any results from the blood tests of a couple of days ago. Judy and LuAnn came in; all talked about transferals. Judy said the latest now is that six patients—including Jane—are to stay where they are in Surgical 3. “Thank God,” Jane said. I hope so. I noticed later in the afternoon that the old room we used to have, 331, next door, is empty. I also think the room on the other side of us is empty. Judy seemed to think that what she’d been told about the six patients was pretty reliable. The section is down to 13 patients, she said. The census usually drops over the holidays. LuAnn said the unit has never been shut down before because a drop in the census, though. She thinks management is using the impending construction program as an excuse to move people.

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