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TPS7 Deleted Session November 22, 1983 6/45 (13%) leg georgia moved curtains shoulders

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(After getting her drops at 4:15, Jane began a series of movements with her head and shoulders, her left leg, then ended up moving her torso from side to side. Noises, grunts and groans. Left leg pulling up at the hip so it was free of the pillow beneath it.

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(4:26. Now her left leg started moving sideways at a rapid pace. All of the time she was half-crying and breathing hard. She groaned and cried and lifted up her left leg again. Crying, she moved her head and shoulders against the pillow, back and forth. “Oh, my God, that’s the most I’ve done with them yet,” she said, meaning her legs. “Now the right one has pulled away from leaning against the left one. I don’t want to do any more.”

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(4:45. The supper tray came. “It feels so funny beneath my shoulder blades,” Jane said as she freely moved both shoulders. She rested a bit, refused water, then took it before I turned her on her left side. She had had an extensive workout, one that had touched responses deep within her, and that gave me great hope also. I felt that she’d passed another milestone on her way to recovery, and was delighted with that.

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(I remembered that for several days Jane’s legs had remained very quiet while she did practically all of her exercises with her head, shoulders, and torso.)

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(4:15. “I’m getting that free motion thing in this right shoulder blade.” Head and shoulders moved side to side, left foot going also. Good movements. Rest.

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(4:26. Gentle motions of head and shoulders. I had the fan on, the curtains pulled back and the windows open so we could hear the sounds of traffic below. The sound was rather pleasant, and Jane liked it.

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