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TPS7 Deleted Session November 22, 1983 11/45 (24%) leg georgia moved curtains shoulders

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(After a good lunch—which Georgia had started feeding her in my absence—Jane said that in hydro yesterday morning, on the litter, both arms “did better than they ever have in the water. And my left foot did things it’s never done in hydro, too, and the leg.” All good signs, I told her.

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(After getting her drops at 4:15, Jane began a series of movements with her head and shoulders, her left leg, then ended up moving her torso from side to side. Noises, grunts and groans. Left leg pulling up at the hip so it was free of the pillow beneath it.

(4:20. More flexing of that leg—I could see the muscles in it moving clear up to the hips. By now Jane was starting to utter cries and to breathe quite heavily as she moved. I think the cries were a mixture of frustration, tears, discomfort and anticipation. The left leg moved, particularly at the hip, again. “My body wants to do it so bad.” Now her right leg began moving more sideways to the right. Jane cried again. “That’s the first time I’ve done that. I don’t know what to do with it, it feels funny.” No doubt about it, good things were taking place, new things that had her upset and anticipatory at the same time. Her face was often screwed up into a knot.

(4:26. Now her left leg started moving sideways at a rapid pace. All of the time she was half-crying and breathing hard. She groaned and cried and lifted up her left leg again. Crying, she moved her head and shoulders against the pillow, back and forth. “Oh, my God, that’s the most I’ve done with them yet,” she said, meaning her legs. “Now the right one has pulled away from leaning against the left one. I don’t want to do any more.”

(4:32. But deliberately, she moved her right leg out to the right, away from the left one, crying all the while. I could see the muscles in the right leg flexing to some degree—a sight that’s been pretty infrequent so far.

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(4:40. More crying. Left leg moving outward. Right arm circles, then both arms together. Laughing at the freedom of motion.

(4:43. “The right leg doesn’t want to go back the way it was,” she said, as it moved outward again. “Part of me is exhausted and part wants to keep going forever.”

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There is no doubt that Ruburt’s right leg manifested important new motions yesterday. It began to stretch and move itself in ways that it had not been able to do before. Those motions allowed other motions to occur in other parts of the body. Those improvements were in the process of taking place in the period immediately before they showed themselves, when the legs seemed comparatively quiet.

(I remembered that for several days Jane’s legs had remained very quiet while she did practically all of her exercises with her head, shoulders, and torso.)

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(4:10. After getting her eye drops from Lorrie, Jane’s left leg started moving, her foot rotating up in the air a couple of inches. “The impetus comes all the way up into the thigh now,” Jane said, and I could see the thigh muscles moving, tensing and relaxing. Her motions were subdued compared to those of yesterday, though.

(4:13. “My right leg is doing it now,” she exclaimed, and I saw it move outward a little. Gentle groans.

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