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TPS7 Deleted Session November 22, 1983 4/45 (9%) leg georgia moved curtains shoulders

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(After a good lunch—which Georgia had started feeding her in my absence—Jane said that in hydro yesterday morning, on the litter, both arms “did better than they ever have in the water. And my left foot did things it’s never done in hydro, too, and the leg.” All good signs, I told her.

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(The lunch tray was there and Jane ate very well; she’s doing much better with the teeth. Georgia came in and set up the portable fan on the desk; this breeze helped a lot. Even I was warm.

(Georgia also told us, with Patty, that they’d just heard that the administration of the hospital had decided to close down the section room 330 is in, because “they’d just realized that Surgical 3 is short of staff.” A lot of patients will be going home over the holidays, Georgia said, and those remaining, like Jane, would be moved elsewhere. I thought the talk was only talk. I knew we wouldn’t consent to going back to rehab. Georgia said she was going to protest the decision to nursing service, downstairs.

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(2:40. While Jane was having a cigarette, Georgia came in to tell us the projected closing of Surgical 3 was now off. Georgia had indeed complained to nursing service, and in turn they had agreed to cancel the idea. No one else had been in favor of it, either. “I told them I’d refuse to be a floater,” Georgia said, meaning she didn’t want to be constantly shifted around. “Another rumor bit the dust,” I said, joking, but we were relieved.

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