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TPS7 Deleted Session November 22, 1983 3/45 (7%) leg georgia moved curtains shoulders

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(3:40—3:48 yesterday: staff took Jane’s vitals, and a lady from housekeeping changed the curtains in 330 to much heavier and darker ones, trying to cut down the light that bothers Jane’s eyes even when the curtains are closed. I was afraid the new ones, a dark bluish color, would make the room too gloomy.

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(Now today, Tuesday, November 22, I got to 330 at 1:05 PM. The day was very warm—almost 65 degrees—and sunny, the room was hot with the curtains closed, although both windows were open and the fan was on in the air conditioner/register.

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(4:26. Gentle motions of head and shoulders. I had the fan on, the curtains pulled back and the windows open so we could hear the sounds of traffic below. The sound was rather pleasant, and Jane liked it.

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