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TPS7 Deleted Session November 2, 1983 3/28 (11%) stone rested spot honey bladder

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(3:50. I rubbed that certain spot in the neck at the back of her head, and her head started going back and forth rapidly. I then rubbed a second spot just to the right of the first one, and again her head pounded back and forth against the pillow. “That spot and the other one must be like acupuncture,” she said.

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(“I was hoping he’d explain that red spot on top of my knee,” she said, adding her statement of earlier in the afternoon that she hoped it wasn’t another ulcer starting, like the previous one that had finally erupted on her knee. This is only a small red spot that could have been caused by anything. It looked like a pimple to me. “Well, maybe he’ll mention it next time,” I said. Then at 4:20:)

There is nothing amiss with the red spot on Ruburt’s thigh. Do not forget to reread our own material as often as you can—certainly the portions dealing with the roles of the conscious and unconscious minds.

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