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TPS7 Deleted Session November 2, 1983 4/28 (14%) stone rested spot honey bladder

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(3:54.Jane lifted her left leg again, then her upper body—both moving in rhythm with each other. “Oh Honey, Honey, Honey,” she chanted, breathing heavily and grunting and groaning. She rested. “I try to stop every so often, in case anybody comes in,” she said. “Now I’ve got that electric feeling in the right toes.”

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(4:22. Right after the session Jane initiated more leg motions. The right foot went along pretty well, too. Her upper body began to twist about. “Oh, God....” When she rested she drank some of the cranberry juice the staff had given her after she passed the stone.

(4:28. Her head and shoulders began moving. Then she swung each arm in turn in a large arc, the elbows working especially well in this exercise. The feet moved in rhythm. Most parts moved. “That was the whole body using itself,” I said when she finally rested. “Oh yeah?” Jane asked. “I couldn’t tell what was going on.”

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(4:35. Jane’s left foot rotated quite flexibly even as it rested upon the bed. Then her head and shoulders started in again—side to side, noises and grunts. “The right foot’s moving more than it has been,” she grunted, and it was. She rested and finished the cranberry juice.

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