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TPS7 Deleted Session November 2, 1982 2/23 (9%) sc abandonment november skirts iii

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(The call was over our speakerphone, so Jane could hear SC when he said that her Seven III “was charming,” and that he liked it very much. He wants to see more, and I explained what Jane has ready and has yet to do. I didn’t say anything about Seth’s Dreams. Jane was very pleased that SC liked Seven, since I learned that she’d been worrying about this. She wants to check the next five chapters before sending them to Tam, who will send them to SC when he edits them, but she hasn’t done any work on them recently. She still sleeps in her chair most of the day.

(“I must be slow,” I exclaimed about an hour after the call. SC’s praise for Seven III must be another one of those predicted good things that are going to come our way out of Framework 2....” Obviously.

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