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TPS7 Deleted Session November 19, 1983 2/24 (8%) shoulders repeat straighten noises lunch

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(The day was warm—50 degrees—and rainy and cloudy. I got to room 330 at 1:08. Jane told me that in hydro this morning she’d felt new movement in her right leg—the broken one—that it both tried to move more, and to straighten out more. Another good sign, I said.

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He is right: the leg did move better this morning as he lay on the litter after hydro. He could feel it try to straighten itself out further, and in doing so motions necessary for normal walking began to activate. The hands are also improving—not only in flexibility, but in strength. He was able to hold the small green plastic bowl with much more confidence this morning—to hold it evenly (Jane didn’t tell me about that, either). The legs are also progressing at their own rate, knowing themselves which activities are necessary, and when.

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