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TPS7 Deleted Session November 18, 1983 4/28 (14%) ants teeth brazil wade fire

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(The day was warm—over 45—and sunny. This noon Paul O’Neill left me at the house Jane’s new lower teeth, so I could take them to her. He’ll check about the uppers later.

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(Jane tried the new teeth before lunch, after I’d turned her. At first they seemed awkward, and wouldn’t stay down, but she seemed to quickly adjust. She began speaking better, and ate well. In the beginning they clicked like the old ones had, but I noticed as the afternoon passed that this audible sound seemed to disappear.

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(4:00. Jane began reading yesterday’s session, and did very well, considering the new teeth. After Cathy took her temperature—98.1—Jane told me that she could now reach farther under her right leg with her left hand than she could yesterday, even. She realizes that she lays tilted up at an angle in bed, and that if she lay flat she couldn’t reach as far down toward her legs, but even so, signs indicate that her elbows seem to be flexing more.

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(After my nap, she ate well for supper, and said she was getting used to the teeth more. Her speaking was much improved. In fact, while she was eating I forgot that she had the new teeth, so well did she do. I read the prayer with her, and left to go food shopping at 7:05 PM.

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