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TPS7 Deleted Session November 18, 1983 2/28 (7%) ants teeth brazil wade fire

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(“Yes. Is this in reference to the program we saw on TV this afternoon, about fire ants?”)

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(The matter of fire ants had come up when we watched the TV show, In Search Of at 2:30 this afternoon. It had featured the explosive growth of fire ants, up from Brazil in the 1930’s, and now threatening to spread over most of the United States. I had many questions, ranging from the consciousnesses of the ants involved, and their right to life, as opposed to the “destructive” view taken of them by farmers, scientists, and so forth in the conventional sense. I also saw correlations between the spread of the fire ants and the spread of the “killer bees” —also up into this country from Brazil—at the same time. I suspected Seth could tell us a most fascinating story here. I was ready for it at any time, I told Jane. I suppose my readiness was at least partially founded upon the idea that it would be a good thing for Jane to speak through Seth about other matters occasionally than her symptoms and related topics.

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