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TPS7 Deleted Session November 11, 1983 2/34 (6%) puppy carol gas washing lifted

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(Jane described her own vivid dream of last night, which I can only approximate here. It involved Jane washing the internal organs of a woman who’d died and had been well-known to a group of people—someone like Jane herself. Involved also was a puppy and other elements. I thought the dream very positive, and showed that Jane was shedding old beliefs and starting anew with new ones.

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Later he finds a pyramid-shaped pile of dead puppies, representing the death of old beliefs that had lingered from his childhood. He then discovers a newly-born puppy, fully alive, and this represents his finding and claiming the new spontaneous, creative portions of his being. He is on the way to register the puppy and claim it at a local police station, which means he was introducing this portion of himself to all other parts, and legitimizing it with the authorities—meaning that he was accepting it wholeheartedly under the auspices of the new authority of the self. The police usually stand for discipline, the puppy stands for spontaneity, and that spontaneity and order are united.

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