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TPS7 Deleted Session November 11, 1983 2/34 (6%) puppy carol gas washing lifted

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(4:28. The body seemed to progress along its own intuitive program of working one part after another. Jane’s left foot got going good, rotating, as her head lifted. Then the head and torso lifted up and went from side to side. “It’s all right,” Jane repeated to herself. She rested. “The right leg did do new stuff, though.”

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(As soon as Carol left, Jane’s hands began to hurt and rotate in a new way at the same time, as if the palms were trying to turn up. “They haven’t been able to turn up in years,” Jane said. It was another great sign, I told her. Her right arm lifted and rotated. I hated to interrupt her new motions by turning her on her left side, but she was ready to go. She said the fingers on her right hand are trying to loosen, as I massaged them with Oil of Olay. I went over her body as usual, dehypnotizing it.

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