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TPS7 Deleted Session November 10, 1983 4/27 (15%) steve tray foot butter gets

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(In answer to some questions I asked, she said that when she reads with her right eye open and the left one closed, she gets no double vision. When she reads with the left eye open also, she can still read, but gets a “ghost image” of whatever is in front of her—my paintings on the wall at the foot of her bed, say—on the typewritten page as a miniature image. Or she may see two images off her left knee if she isn’t reading, though one of the images is a good deal fainter. But she said that the spasmodic darker type “means that I’m seeing color better.” I told her her vision would continue to improve, and am very enthusiastic about this.

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(4:20. Grunts and groans and heavy breathing. Left foot up in the air. “It’s all right, kid,” Jane said several times to herself.

(4:24. Head, shoulders, left leg going like she was riding a horse. Left foot flexing. Noises, then rest. She knew her left leg had been going well.

(4:30. Right arm going good in a circle, left foot moving, heavy breathing. Rest. Cigarette. Even as she smoked Jane’s left foot moved around, with the right one doing the same thing in miniature.

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