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TPS7 Deleted Session November 1, 1983 8/34 (24%) leg noises foot ankle motions

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(Jane was okay on her side. Did okay in hydro, trying out a few motions. No BM this morning, though. Patty, RN, took cultures of both leaking ulcers on her hips for tests. No discomfort. Jane ate a good lunch. She had a cigarette at 2:05 while I worked on mail.

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(3:53. Groaning rapidly, Jane began lifting left leg high up. The right foot moved and she began thrashing her body from side to side. Good motions.

(3:57. More leg motions up in the air. “Come on, sweet body,” she chanted softly. “Higher and higher.... When my eyes are closed it feels like that left knee is way up in the air, and I can feel the impetus in the right leg to move. It does a little—but I don’t want to hurt the break or anything.”

(4:00. After LuAnn gave Jane eye drops my wife’s feet both began going, left one up in the air. She began strong head motions with many noises. Rest, the left ankle still flexing on the bed at 4:05.

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(4:10. More foot motions. Talking to herself: “It’s all right.”

(4:12. Another bout of strong motion—head and torso sideways, left foot up in the air—crying out to me. I offered support, touching her right arm without interfering with motion. Now her right foot was definitely moving, the best yet. “It’s trying to get into the act,” I said.

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(4:30. After a cigarette Jane’s left foot began moving quite freely at the ankle in a new way. Then head and shoulders again, and more noises and heavy breathing. Left leg up, torso side to side—almost violent motions for my wife—excellent signs. Jane felt motions in her hips and right leg and stomach—I could see them. Her right leg, which hadn’t moved much, felt “hotter than hell inside.” Increased internal muscular activity and circulation, I said. “Now I’ve got that electric feeling in my toes—the one on my right foot next to the little toe prickles like crazy.” Another good sign.

(4:36. “I don’t know what to do. I feel Seth around but every time I think of having a session I start doing something with motion....” And even as she spoke her left leg lifted up. I told her the motion was to come first, since that’s what the sessions were supposed to help her achieve.

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