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TPS2 Deleted Session June 30, 1973 4/85 (5%) distractions youthful curtailment believed noise

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(We sat for the session at 9, but just then a neighbor began cutting his grass with a power mower. Our windows were open and the sound seemed especially bothersome. We waited for the job to be done, which took half an hour. By then we were both quite upset, although I think Jane’s unease stemmed more from my reaction to the noise, than it did from any noise itself.)

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This small episode this evening is an excellent example of your joint behavior and beliefs. Noise to you personally is a symbol for all of life’s distractions. You are then particularly sensitive in that area. Any discussion between you is at two levels, then, where sound of an unpleasant nature is involved.

Ruburt in his own way recognizes the charge behind what you say. Sound to him does not have the same meaning, though he may dislike the noise. He interprets your remarks therefore as aimed against distractions in general, recognizing your symbolism, and this makes him uneasy because in his own life he has taken the steps he has to cut down distractions.

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Symbolic interpretations immediately became obvious, and yet brought out into the open, as in tonight’s episode. I do not want to duplicate material, but Ruburt’s seeing you working without symptoms was of great benefit. Your reaction then to the noise was upsetting, which is quite all right, because now your reactions there can be consciously assimilated. Your reaction is to yell about the condition, yet you do not move. His has been to say little and to withdraw. Though your particular interpretations of distractions may vary, to him the noise itself, for example, is not so charged. But quite rightly he recognizes the noise as your symbol for distraction.

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