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TPS5 Deleted Session July 12, 1979 5/29 (17%) science greg unofficially carson colorado

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The scientist’s (Truzzi’s) letter had some good results, in crystallizing your attitudes in Ruburt’s poetry, and in passages for his book. It also made him think, however, that he was not changing the world in any way that mattered in any important degree—that those in authority did not even read them, and that even my latest work *(Mass Reality) *would make no inroads. He did not want book dictation on the one hand, for that reason. On the other hand, of course, he did. We will of course finish our book in our usual style.

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Remember to keep open-minded about individual scientists, also. It is against the official views of science as a field that you hold great variance.

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Science has unfortunately bound up the minds of its own even most original thinkers, for they dare not stray from certain scientific principles. All energy contains consciousness. That one sentence is basically (underlined) scientific heresy, and in many circles it is religious heresy as well. A recognition of that simple statement would indeed change your world.

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(9.45.) Give us a moment.... With some sense of freedom and play, both of you can combine high qualities of intuitional and intellectual abilities so that they sometimes merge into a higher mind.

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You can at least keep these facts in your minds. It is a matter of organization and of focus. When you think of Framework 2, do so playfully. Remember that its processes are creative.

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