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TPS4 Deleted Session July 12, 1978 5/44 (11%) emir conservative eleanor weight gain

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*(I had three questions for Seth. 1: Jane’s weight, which I’d realized recently, had dropped without my noticing it. Seth’s recent remark, that she was beginning to gain weight again, had alerted me to it, although I’d noticed in recent weeks that Jane was much too thin—when I helped her put on a shirt, take a bath, etc. 2: What’s going on generally with her, physically, or as Jane put it “Why is it—her recovery—taking so long?” 3. At least a few words from Seth generally on the whole *Emir thing.)

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I told you that he was beginning to gain weight, and so he is. This does not mean he cannot gain more. The back area in particular is somewhat more noticeable, since the muscles are beginning to work more. The circulation is improved—veins and so forth show more—but he has begun to gain because even in the chair he moves his legs more, which has increased his appetite.

The body will gain naturally as he is able to handle more weight. Some additional arm exercise, for example, will also help, for the muscles simply then demand more food.

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As far as the weight issue is concerned. Ruburt’s mental attitude is highly important, and the suggestions you are giving are helping. When you relax in the moment, when you do not worry, then you do not use energy needlessly. Worry and anxiety have often kept Ruburt’s weight down. Relaxing in the moment and enjoying the beauties of the day, as per your suggestions, is vital in that regard.

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Except for the obvious physical limitations, Ruburt is healthy, however—small boned—he should be for example wiry. And while he can indeed use more weight, your cultural idea of proper weight is somewhat exaggerated. So remember that also.

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