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TPS4 Deleted Session July 12, 1978 5/44 (11%) emir conservative eleanor weight gain

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(Last Wednesday, July 5, we mailed Emir to Eleanor Friede at Delacorte. This morning Eleanor called Jane to say that she “loved it,” and made a Jane a firm offer for its publication. Jane accepted the offer. Eleanor is to call again Friday after conferring the production manager about costs, etc., but in the meantime is preparing contracts. The production manager has the script with him in Albany, New York.

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(Certainly the Richard Bach-Eleanor Friede affair is reactivating a probability that was available, of course—or one could say that Jane decided to draw from Framework 2 those certain elements to work with in Framework 1. Interesting to see what happens.

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Ruburt’s impulse to take *Emir *from Prentice—his impulse to call others, his call to Eleanor—all of these events represent a change of mood, and inner decisions of which Ruburt is not as yet aware.

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So the affair with Eleanor is significant, particularly since the book was assured publication with Prentice. He has been concerned about Emir.

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The Eleanor decision, made in the area of work, also activates physically important healing elements as far as Ruburt’s health is concerned. It is almost as if you hit one bell in Framework 2, and three or four others also begin to ring.

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