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The impulse allowed Framework 2 to operate, pulling in new probabilities. They are not “old” probabilities. No probabilities are old. No matter how far into the past they may seem to go, they emerge freshly and newly at the point of activation. For Ruburt in a way it was an expression of daring, partially the result of your suggestions, and his growing understanding that he had become not too spontaneous, but too conservative. Our sessions also helped.

No one in his childhood, in his 20’s, or in your early relationship, ever warned him that he could become too conservative. It certainly did not seem that he was being overly cautious in any regard, and yet when his sexuality was perhaps most noticeable, he made sure he took up with a man, Walt, who could not take advantage of it—a very cautious step for all of its unconventional overtones.

People expect conventional behavior, so his spontaneity was then more apparent, and often frowned upon. The conservative behavior that, for example, kept him a virgin into his mid-twenties, was never understood by others—no one, for example, would have thought him at that time a virgin.

The desire to write was not conservative, but in many ways his attitude toward it became so. His attitude toward his publisher has largely been the same. Ruburt is certainly not considered conservative, and yet a need for safety and security certainly added an overly heavy hand in his approach to life—particularly of course where the world was involved.

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