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TPS4 Deleted Session January 9, 1978 4/45 (9%) christ thy crucified thesis condemnation

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The words “Let thy will be done,” represented excellent psychological understanding, for according to Christ’s teachings as originally given, God the father represented the source or parent of the self, who was by nature free from the self’s ignorance or lack of understanding at any given time, and who would know better than the known self those experiences that would fulfill the self’s hopes, dreams, and potentials.

In this way, with the words spoken “Let thy will be done,” the self could free itself from its own misconceptions, and attract from Framework 2 benefits that it might otherwise not be knowledgeable enough to request. A portion of each person dwells in Framework 1 and Framework 2. Understand that Framework 2 is a psychic or spiritual or mental structure. In deepest terms, of course, it is not a place. It is, if you prefer, a spiritual landscape of far greater resources than the one you know. It brings forth the world of your experience in that world, and so it is your source also.

“Let thy will be done” meant “Let me follow those greater dictates of my inner nature.” Even without all of the distortions, that formula worked for centuries in large measure. The God, the source, was put outside of nature, however, finally becoming at last too remote, and the story itself became frayed at the edges as man tried to tie intuitive truths to objective fact.

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When this happens you actually symbolically say “Let thy will be done,” meaning “Let my greater nature, my spontaneous nature, flow through me without impediment, and without quibbling.” Then the benefits from Framework 2 can begin to flow without impediment. The body can right itself, and the methods that you use work.

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