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TPS4 Deleted Session January 9, 1978 4/45 (9%) christ thy crucified thesis condemnation

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The message was “Do not condemn yourself or others,” for Christ well knew that self-righteous condemnation of the self or of one’s neighbors served to darken the door through which man might view his own potential and its greater source.

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In our terms, All That Is exists in Framework 2 as elsewhere, but Framework 2 represents the source of your known physical reality. From it flow all of the known facts of your world. Christ hoped to show that you survived death psychically and spiritually—that you “returned” to the father in heaven. Literal minds, looking for evidential proof, would insist that the physical body itself must rise, ascending, hence the related stories, the misinterpretation of data. “Ask, and you shall receive.” Christ well knew that that statement was indeed true, but men who condemned themselves, who considered themselves sinners, would not know what to ask for, except punishment to relieve their guilt. Hence he stressed time and time again that each person was a child of God.

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You both chafed against the belief of your times, that man was a natural aggressor, tainted from birth, that he was damned by his very nature, condemned by his early childhood background, by original sin, or by his genes. At the same time you were also tainted by those beliefs, and seemed to see evidence for them whenever you looked into your selves, or outward to the world of your fellows. Each person carried the brunt of that self-condemnation. Ruburt is hardly outstanding in having physical difficulties, and overall your lives and the work speak for more of the potential of personality than of personality’s lacks. You set for yourselves a goal of shoving aside all of the beliefs and distortions for yourselves and for others.

Now: you went beyond your family’s beliefs individually, searching for yourselves and trying various roads. You accomplished the quite difficult feat, in certain terms, of finding each other, so that you each had a mate who would aid you in your pursuits—and you tried as best you knew to encourage each other. You were still plagued by remnants of self-disapproval and self-condemnation, however, yet the spontaneous self in each of you managed to push here and there and blaze forth whenever you gave it a chance, with some quite outstanding results.

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