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[... 7 paragraphs ...]

Ruburt saw himself as a writer, and judged himself through that focus, and other accomplishments that did not rigidly adhere to that focus were not considered successes, or even were jealously regarded as detriments. It is far more obvious now in Ruburt’s case than in your own. Because of this, however, he was never sure whether or not you resented the time spent in this work—the sessions.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

I suggest you read the session I gave concerning the importance of the person from which the artist or writer springs. I suggest also that Ruburt read it especially. All of the individual and joint inhibitions you have placed upon yourselves spring directly from those specialized versions of yourselves.

Sex became dangerous—not to protect your persons—which would be delighted, but to protect your rigid, limited ideas of your “artistic selves”—the writer and the artist might be threatened, and so your personal lives must suffer, and the persons be shoved away.

Now if you can understand that, and those reactions in the sexual area, then you can understand how Ruburt simply carried them further than you would; the same rationale applies. The artist and the writer are not dependent upon such inhibiting factors, but instead limited by them.

You each produced despite your individual and joint efforts to inhibit other areas of your life; to protect a limited, old idea of what an artist and a writer are. You may take your break.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

Here I want to continue with our earlier discussion—(humorously:) or monologue. The man and woman that you each are, are not threatened by love-making, parties, evenings out or vacations. The writer and the artist are not threatened either by those activities—but each of you in your own way have, until now, believed that they were.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

In a different way, you both react as far as love-making is concerned. You each have an odd ingrown idea that writers and artists exist somehow apart from their personhood. They may be tortured or agonized like ordinary human beings, but they cannot be fulfilled like ordinary human beings—they cannot have friends or share confidences, or let down their hair with each other. They must somehow dwell alone and apart.

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