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In a different way, you both react as far as love-making is concerned. You each have an odd ingrown idea that writers and artists exist somehow apart from their personhood. They may be tortured or agonized like ordinary human beings, but they cannot be fulfilled like ordinary human beings—they cannot have friends or share confidences, or let down their hair with each other. They must somehow dwell alone and apart.

They can express their personhood freely—in those areas that do not threaten their creativity, but as the idea grows, there are few areas left. Your creativity as artists is dependent upon the fulfillment of your personhood, not upon its denial. You have feelings from your backgrounds that to share is to be vulnerable, to lose what you have, and the feeling that you can save your abilities only by cutting yourselves off from others.

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Now embarked upon our work, which is also your work, wholeheartedly, your painting abilities and writing abilities will be fully used and developed, and so will Ruburt’s abilities. Working wholeheartedly together, you will and can achieve a unity in spirit and body that few can match, and be led toward achievements that will and must also fulfill your personhood.

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