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TPS3 Deleted Session January 10, 1977 4/75 (5%) conventionalized proposals goals recommendations caesar

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Take a brief break, get Ruburt a beer, and I will most obediently continue, for I have important proposals.

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(10:45.) Part two: proposals.

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You must renew your sense of dedication, privately and jointly. I have some definite proposals, and I suggest that you take advantage of them. I am mainly going to suggest the use of certain techniques with which you are quite familiar. You have not used them as a way of life because of the conflicts mentioned earlier, and if you are going to get off dead center and do something instead of complaining, you must each begin to put these to practice. They worked well years ago, before you tried to wed two systems of belief to each other.

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I will have more to say about that particular subject, but first I want to start you with proposals. You may wonder how they are to be carried out, though they are simple. They will come into conflict with your concepts of time, and will automatically begin to alter your subjective realities if you follow them. If you do not matters will continue as they are. I will leave your hours up to you. While you have regular daytime hours, I suggest the following pattern.

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