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Some of this involves the learning process. At the general world level there are many teachers, and the ways are known. There are periods of balance, where for example—and I am using analogies, understand me—you may find a product, a person at a certain balance point, pleased with all aspects of life, in good health, well-off financially, and meeting goals. Everything is even, and within that framework all is well.

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Ruburt wanted to make creativity work financially so that you could both be free to pursue it. Through the years the goals of one level of consciousness— though I am putting this simply—became tied to the goals of another level of consciousness. Overall, ideally speaking, the two could be fused. Practically, however, this is like trying to build two pieces of furniture with different materials, then forming them into one cohesive whole. In both of your lives, those experiences, however valid, that did not fit both categories, gradually went to one degree or another by the way.

This is simply the result of misunderstanding, confusion, and trying to use a “higher” level of consciousness for goals and beliefs still held at a “lower” level, in quotes now.

When you try to use the insights of one level of consciousness to reach the goals of a “lower level of consciousness,” you run into difficulty. I will try to make this as clear as possible.

I am not, as you should know, saying that the goal of financial success is a low one. Unfortunately, however, the beliefs connected with that goal usually involve whole webworks of beliefs that would automatically prevent high creativity.

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You are faced of course with conditions built up of long-held attitudes. In general, however, you are tying the highest faculties of your consciousness to goals that are at least unbecoming to them, and because you have still accepted the tenets of conventionalized beliefs. You cannot serve two masters at any one time with hopes of doing justice to either, and you only confuse yourselves. It is the mixture of consciousness with which you form your events that causes the difficulty.

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Those worries on each of your parts tie down your highest aspirations to goals that are unbecoming to them, and impede the very creativity you hope to foster. Because you feel that the world is a threat you rouse to battle against it. Time becomes a battleground. I realize of course that you live in time, but I also know that the quality of creative work is not bound to time, but defies it. Your own feelings about publishers, for example, impedes the creative processes so that you must then labor over notes that would otherwise come clearly and quickly.

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You have been straddling levels of consciousness, in other words, so that the events of your lives have shown gaps that we want to close. Please understand that these gaps are also the results, partially, of certain achievements—as your conflicts about taxes could not have existed years ago. That is simply a small example. When you began to expand your ideas of reality, you naturally attached them to goals that you held earlier, and tried to make them fit. Some of those goals were quite worthy, but carried beliefs along with them that were detrimental.

When you both had to work outside at least partially for a living, you did not have to consider your beliefs about creative time, or how to organize your day creatively. You were too busy trying to get rid of your jobs. Once that goal was reached, your beliefs about time and creativity became pertinent, as did the issues concerned with spontaneity and discipline.

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