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TPS3 Deleted Session January 10, 1977 6/75 (8%) conventionalized proposals goals recommendations caesar

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You are faced of course with conditions built up of long-held attitudes. In general, however, you are tying the highest faculties of your consciousness to goals that are at least unbecoming to them, and because you have still accepted the tenets of conventionalized beliefs. You cannot serve two masters at any one time with hopes of doing justice to either, and you only confuse yourselves. It is the mixture of consciousness with which you form your events that causes the difficulty.

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The whole issue involving shoveling snow or mowing the grass also involves your ideas of time. And conflicts of beliefs, as well as other conventionalized concepts that quite override your natural love of physical bodily activity.

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The worries caused by the conventionalized beliefs cut down the quality of your time, so that while you jealously try to preserve your creative hours they become diluted. So that you actually spend “dead” time—that is, periods that are devoid of creativity while supposedly devoted to it. The chest trouble is a result of such conflicts.

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Television at your dinner hour is advantageous, as long as it is not news. Occasionally you are helped by relaxing in such a manner for several hours. Often, however, this is dead time because your worries have so tired you. Several evenings a week, therefore, I suggest that the two of you pursue a period of psychic activity, as per Ruburt’s library, though with whatever variations suggest themselves. You need not be overly earnest at such times, however. I am not concerned about our book, the latest one. I am intent, however, about a new beginning, a new dedication, so that your own purposes become clearer, and your abilities better used. Conventional ideas of the psychic world have eroded both of your attitudes. In many cases, as with Kubler-Ross, it is again an issue of high insight occurring but put at the service of conventionalized beliefs.

Ruburt felt intensely alone in that regard. Hearing so many stories about out-of-body encounters, for example, he became frightened. You simply told him that was beneath his abilities, without understanding the sense of loneliness, or the fear generated by conventionalized beliefs, which before his own experiences he did not encounter. The relaxation and psy-time will help there, however.

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Your joint attitudes are particularly important, for they involve your stance in the world. Your attitudes toward people are jointly vital, and the inner mobility must flow on both of your parts. The sessions began because of your private natures, yet to some extent the books make you publicly known. Your conventionalized ideas of psychics, both of you, are troublesome. I hope to clear those up.

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