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TPS1 Deleted Session February 11, 1971 9/76 (12%) negative railings ritual symptoms habitual

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You have the fear of the symptoms themselves, and this applies to both of you. The symptoms are still being projected into the future, and often (underlined) by you both. Consciously and unconsciously signs are passed and given to the effect that symptoms are persisting now and will continue to do so.

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Not upon reversing symptoms but upon the desired results. Not what is wrong but what is right, and how a greater degree of “rightness” can be achieved. This is of utmost importance.

If Ruburt shows a bad bout of symptoms then often you both become extremely fearful. Very aware of those symptoms, concentrating upon them, and this worsens the condition. I am not saying that the symptoms are not fearful. This should be admitted.

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But the search for health should be concentrated upon—not the state of ill health at any time. When you concentrate upon the symptoms you often then forget the abilities of the inner self and the vast reservoir of help available. You close it off because you are concentrating upon the opposite direction.

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He can do this as I mentioned earlier by reminding himself of the otherwise healthy state of his body, and being thankful for it, by expecting (underlined) four time’s improvement, and looking for it, and not expecting the symptoms to remain as they are.

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Give us time. There are other reasons however why you fell into the same trap, and I will try to get them for you. You are doing the same thing with his symptoms that he does with them, that so annoy you: prolonging them in time in your imagination, and you have less reason to do so.

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—regardless of what you think of them. Your thoughts and imaginations do cause your activities. Your negative attitudes also help continue the symptoms, as do his. The physical facts of going down the stairs sideways existed first in imagination, and were materialized. You need not deny the physical fact, but if you understand what causes physical facts then you change the direction of your imagination, thought and expectations in order that the following future facts will not be like the ones that so displeased you.

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With the best intentions in the world, his conscious attention was on his symptoms and his physical condition all day long, on the procedures involved with motion.

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The state of his symptoms becomes his day, and yours, when either of you indulge in that kind of procedure. He overdid when he constantly watched himself, trying so hard to get up correctly.

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